Acrylic (Perspex™) Sheets

There are hundreds of colours and finishes available in Acrylic. We supply cut to size in clear, frosted, solid and tinted colours in all the colours of the Perspex, Plexiglas, Policril, Altuglas and Repsol ranges etc. We hold many in stock & the rest are mostly available to us in 24 or 48 hours.


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  • Sizes/ Uses/ Properties
  • Technical and Other Data
  • Clear Finishes
  • White / Opal Finishes
  • Colour Finishes
  • Mirror Finishes

This page shows the availability size and properties of clear and coloured Acrylics.There is more data on clear finishes and colours on the other tabs.


Windows including greenhouses, garages houses, cars & boats. Photo glazing, display shelving, notice boards, diffusers & light covers, bathroom fittings, safety barriers, partitions, skylights, components. The list is endless for this very useful plastic that is available clearer than glass and in such a wide range of colours and surface finishes.

Specialist Area

POLISHED Acrylic Blocks for Photo-mounting and Acrylic blocks for stamping. click here to read about polishing.

Product Availability

Clear & Coloured Availalbility of Sizes etc

Thickness (mm)
Max Sizes (NB: We cut to size from these)
Price Guide per Square Metre(Material Cost Only)
COLOURS These are mainly available in 3mm and 5mm thickness. There is a small range of thicker sizes mainly in Opals 030 & 050, White, Black and some tints including the Glasslike Silicone Green Edge and Fluorescent Perspex Neptune Blue at 10mm. Please ask if there is anything specific you wish . For other colors with a thickness over 5mm they will probably have to ordered in a large number of sheets each 3 metres by 2 metres.
Clear 1.5mm is discontinued as large sheets are brittle and break in transit. If you need 1.5mm consider 2mm which is the same price as 1.5mm or Polycarbonate as ours has similar UV properties & similar clarity to Acrylic but is 10 times stronger.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, (30, 40, 50, 60 & over please ask up to 400mm.

Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask. They vary considerably depending on area ordered.
Opal 030 (Lets about 70% of light through)

3, 5, (6, 8, 10mm costed in minimum 1.5M by 2M sheets)

Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Opal 50 (Lets about 50% of light through) 3, 5, (6, 8, 10mm costed in minimum 1.5M by 2M sheets)
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Smoked Black 3, 5mm
3M x 2MCut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Tinted Bronze 3, 5mm
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Fluorescent Celestial Blue / Lava Orange / Mars Red / Yellow / Acid Green / Neptune Blue

3, 5mm and 10mm Neptune Blue. also see Acrylic shapes page

Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Frosted Opals and Frosted tints are also available in one and two side frosted. 3, 5mm
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Black 3, 5 mm & (6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20mm costed in minimum 1.5M by 2M sheets)
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.

Silicone Glasslike Green Edge

3, 5 mm & (6, 8, 10, 12, costed in minimum 1.5M by 2M sheets)
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
White (Dense White 069) 3, 5, 10 & (20mm as special)
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Please ask.
Museum Grade: High UV Protection - for protection of valuable Pictures or Museum Displays from sunlight 3, 5mm
Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M
Minimum 1.5 by 2M order.
Mirror 1 side and 2 sided and many colours and tints 3, 5mm Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M Minimum 3M by 2M order
Prismatic Acrylic ( For Lights. showers and screens) see image on "more info page". 3.1mm 2500 by 1250mm Whole sheet cut to size
Anti-Glare (For large picture frames) 3, 5mm Cut to your sizes from mainly 3M x 2M

We also do a range of Clear and Anti-Glare PET & APET products for smaller pictures.

Other Colours Please read about availability of other colours on the Acrylic Colour Finishes tab above.


Key Properties

Clearer and lighter than most Glass for glazing. Good quality clear Acrylic sheet from major brands has a light transmittance of around 92%.

Mouldable. Easily machinable. Can be joined with solvent based adhesives.

The edges of Acrylic can also be finished to a high polish by flame , diamond and or buff polishing. Each method gives a different finish. Please read our page about polishing . It costs extra but in some situations is appropriate and can be well worthwhile.

Excellent UV stability (that means it resists sunlights tendency to yellow plastics over the decades).

Acrylic has excellent properties inside and outside. Acrylic sheet is an excellent thermal insulator.

Its electrical surface resistivity is higher than that of most plastics. Good electrical resistance at low frequency.

There are also OPAL grades where light transmission is reduced. One grade offers around 50% and another 30% light transmisson (see above). These can be used in light boxes for emergency lights or disco lights. We also supply SMOKED colours styles to reduce light transmission but still allow some vision.

Fluorescents and live edge Acrylic click here for more details.

Because plastic expands and contracts holes must be drilled the correct amount oversize.

Strengths Summary

  • Outstanding transparency
  • Excellent UV Resistance - grades up to 10 years
  • High colour brightness and stability
  • Surface Hardness
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good insulating properties


  • Poor impact resistance ( Thin grades can snap easily)
  • Tends to star crack around poorly drilled holes
  • Limited heat resistance (around 80°C)
  • Limited chemical resistance, attacked by organic solvents
  • Poor wear and abrasion resistance
  • Cracking under load possible

Chemical Name



Acrylic, Perspex, Plexiglas, Plastic Sheet, Mouldable, UV Stability, Alkali Resistant, Clear Acrylic. Lightbox, Light box, Fluorescent.

Additional Information

Acrylic Sheet (Perspex™ & Plexiglas™ & many other brands)

Abbreviation: PMMA

Density g/cm^3
Shrinkage %
UV Resistance
Transparency (% visible light transmission) %
H2O Absorption After 24 hours %
Maximum Continuous Working Temperature (Zero Tensile effect after 11 years)
Low °C
High °C
0.2 to 0.8
Very good
80 to 93
0.1 to 0.4
+50 to 80
Hardness Shore D Mpa
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa
Elongation at Break %
Flexural Modulas Gpa
Toughness by Notched IZOD Impact at Room Temperature J/m
Fire Resistance LOI %
Dielectric Strength (Insulation Value) KV/mm thickness
90 to 99
38 to 70
2 to 10
2.5 to 3.5
10 to 35


Polishing: This is the one material we supply that can be polished on the edges to a high gloss. This can be done by hand or machine and if you need it please tick the box on the enquiry form as there is an extra charge. Click here for more information.

Acrylic (including Perspex™) - Clear Finishes

Acrylic is the plastic with the largest range of colours and surface finishes.

Special Finishes

There are several finishes that are not coloured and we have tried to show some here.

Prismatic Clear Acrylic for light covers etc
Acrylic Clear Frosted
Tinted Bronze (Slighty Brown tint) & Smoked ( Slightly Black tint) Both can be used for windscreens in boats, caravans, house windows where you wish to reduce the amount of sunlight. Many variations on the smoked are available but are difficult to show you. We do not always supply Perspex or Plexiglas brands but whatever we do supply will be of a similar tint. If the tint is critical then you can order a sample first.
Acrylic Glasslike Green edge - Flame polished edge - Edge view
Acrylic Glasslike Green edge - Saw Cut edge - Face view
Acrylic Glasslike Green edge - Flame polished edge - Face view

Acrylic (including Perspex™) - White / Opal Finishes

We also have some images of Opals & Bronze & Smoked Tinted Acrylics.
Opal 030 and 050 on Black background. Opal 030 allows approx.70% light through and Opal 050 allows approx. 50% light through.
Opal 030 and 050: With weak sunshine behind. Either can be used as a light screen or light box. Keep the plastic well away from the heat of the light if its likely to exceed 60 oC or more.
The colours shown above represent the closest match we can show on a website. They are not exact as lighting, reprographic methods and different producers cause variation.


Acrylic (including Perspex™) - Colours


Acrylic plastics have the largest range of colours & finishes of any common plastics.

Colours are available mainly in 3 and 5mm thicknesses. A few colours are available with greater thicknesses such as Black White and Opal - please read the sizes chart on tab 1. A few other colours come thicker than 5mm but large minimum order sheet amounts are often required. Please ask. We can supply most colours from the Perspex®, Plexiglas® Altuglas® Policril® and Repsol ranges. Standard and Satin finishes alongside Frosted, Embossed, Prismatic Semi- transparent, Fluorescent, & Live Edge colours etc.


We offer 3 choices.

CHOICE 1: SHELF STOCK: The range below is available cut to your size and you do not pay for a full sheet.

CHOICE 2: 48 HOUR STOCK: If you do not see what you want in CHOICE 1please look at the range on the Perspex® chart: click here. There may be minmum order quantities for of 2000mm by 1500mm. Please ask.

CHOICE 3: Neither Choice 1 or 2 shows the colour you wish. Please look at the attached general colour chart and tell us the nearest RAL code to what you want and we will see if we can match it. Click here


Acrylic - Stocked


SOLID COLOURS - Normally available in 3 & 5mm thicknesses only. White, Black, and a few others are available in thicker sizes. Please see notes above.

Acrylic Black
Acrylic Brown
Mid green Acrylic
Red Acrylic
 Acrylic - White 069
Acrylic - Black
Acrylic - Dark Brown
Acrylic - Mid Green
Acrylic - Mid Red
Orange Acrylic
Pink Acrylic
Yellow Acrylic

Mid Blue Acrylic
Acrylic - Orange
Acrylic - Pink
Acrylic - Mid Yellow

Acrylic - Grey

Acrylic - Mid Blue
TINTED & TRANSLUCENT COLOURS - Normally available in 3 & 5mm thicknesses only except Clear, Opal and a few others are available in thicker sizes. Please see notes above.
Acrylic Clear
Acrylic Opal
Acrylic Glasslike Green edge
Acrylic Amber
Acrylic Light Blue
Acrylic - Clear

Acrylic - Opal 030 & Opal 050 for lightboxes etc. More info on Opal tab above

Acrylic - Glasslike Green Edge
Acrylic - Amber Tint
Acrylic - Light Blue Tint
Acrylic Dark Blue
Acrylic Dark Green Tint
Acrylic - Smoked Black
Acrylic - Dark Blue Tint
Acrylic - Dark Green Tint
Acrylic - Bronze - Brown Tint
Acrylic - Smoked Black Tint
Acrylic - Dark Red Tint
We hold stocks of the above colours and can cut what you need economically. There are hundreds of other colours where we do not hold stock but they are usually supplied to us by the manufacturer within 24 to 48 hours. These cost a little more as there are minimum amount we have to buy. Please see the Perspex Colour chart link below.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you do not see the colour you want here the next step is to look at

Perspex® Colours - Chart attached - (Magnify to zoom in). click here.

For Fluorescent sheet colours see the Perspex range via the chart link above and for pictures of Fluorescent Rods click here
Acrylic (including Perspex™) - Mirror Finishes - Information on over 20 Mirror finishes is avaiable on request.




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