Dry Wipe Boards - Flash Cards

Glossy Finish 1 side or 2 sides - Radiused corners if required


Used mainly in education as children and adult learning tools.

We supply either Solid PVC sheets with a Glossy surface on both sides or a lighter weight Foamed PVC version with a glossy surface on one side. The latter is cheaper. Where you need a radius on the corner to remove the sharp corner for the protection of children this can be done for an extra charge. Various thicknesses and colours are availble. We can cut to size so the sizes below only represent the sizes of the sheets we start with. We can cut say 100 by A4 size in 24 hours ready for delivery.


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Thickness (mm)
Max Sizes (NB: We cut to size from these)
Price Guide per Square Metre (Material Price Only)


White Gloss 2 sides

1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4.5, 5mm

2440 X 1220

Please ask. Depends on quantity. Corners rmade safe for added charge.


White Gloss 1 side Matt on other

3, 5, 10mm

2440 x 1220mm

3050 x 1220mm

Please ask. Depends on quantity. Corners rmade safe for added charge.

Key Properties

PVC is tough and provides a good writing media for most drywipe markers. If you are in any doubt then please send a pen for test or request a sample.Chemical Name

Poly Vinyl Chloride


PVC, Foamed PVC, Lightweight, Tough,

Additional Information

Our Dry Wipe boards and Flash cards are made from either solid or Foamed PVC. Information on the technical aspects of both products is shown on the technical pages of each plastic.

Technical information Solid PVC - click here

Technical information Foamed PVC - click here

Colour Data

Dry Wipe board and Flash cards are available in "Glossy White 2 sides" in solid PVC and one side Gloss in White PVC foamboard. Coloured boards are available also in around 6 basic colours.

Dry-wipe boards and Flash Cards



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