High Density Polyethylene


Cladding walling or protective panels for exterior usage when not in direct sunlight for many years. In Animal housing for wall cladding and door panels. We also do a low cost, low density EcoPanel for cattle, horse, pig and poultry housing. Cutting Boards, trailer panels. Fishing boats and cabin cruiser wall panels.


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Key Properties

Similar to Polypropylene but better at at lower temperatures (-50°C to +80°C ) this material has better wear resistance & abrasion resistance. Low Density. Good corrosion resistance, electrical insulation properties. High Yield Point. Stable for machining.


  • Very low cost
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very good processability
  • Good low temperature resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Very low water absorption
  • FDA compliant


  • Susceptible to stress cracking
  • Lower stiffness than polypropylene
  • Poor UV resistance
  • Low heat resistance
  • High-frequency welding and joining impossible
  • Edges cannot be polished very highly

Chemical Name

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Additional Information

High Density Polyethylene

Abbreviation: HDPE

Density g/cm^3
Shrinkage %
UV Resistance
Transparency (% visible light transmission) %
H2O Absorption After 24 hours %
Maximum Continuous Working Temperature (Zero Tensile effect after 11 years)
Low °C
High °C
1.5 to 4
Poor but UV grades available


Hardness Shore D Mpa
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa
Elongation at Break %
Flexural Modulas Gpa
Toughness by Notched IZOD Impact at Room Temperature J/m
Fire Resistance LOI %
Dielectric Strength (Insulation Value) KV/mm thickness
60 to 70
30 to 40
500 to 700
0.76 to 1.57
20 to 220
There is no colour chart page as there is only a limited range available, Natural milky White & Black.



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