Polycarbonate Solid Sheets, Rod & Tube

-Virtually unbreakable!




For Anti-vandal guards & glazing. Child proof screens, light-covers, safety screening & guards, Car side or rear screens. Roofing, tanks hatches, safety barriers and many other uses.

We also supply Multi-wall Polycarbonate ( to visit our separate webpage Click here


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  • Sizes/ Uses/ Properties
  • Technical Information
  • Colour Information

Key Properties / Strengths / Limits of Polycarbonate

Key Properties

Polycarbonate is a lightweight, highly unbreakable plastic found in items such as vandal and child resistant windows, machine guards, cement shuttering, sporting items and sports dug-outs and viewing screens. Safer shower screens are available with the embossed Polycarbonate. It is also used where higher temperature and fire resistance is desirable. This tough, durable, shatter-proof and heat-resistant material is ideal for a many applications. Its scratch resistance is lower than that of Acrylic as is its UV stability in standard form but new UV resistant finishes are now available. We also can supply this with a hardened outer coating to resist scratching.


  • Very high toughness, down to -20°C
  • Transparent, light transmission as good as glass
  • Good electrical insulation properties, not influenced by water or temperature
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High mechanical retention, up to 140°C
  • FDA compliant
  • Resistance to repeated steam sterilisations
  • Intrinsic flame retardant, more efficient than other engineering thermoplastics


  • Low fatigue endurance
  • Mechanical properties degrade after prolonged exposure to water over 60°C
  • Attacked by hydrocarbons and bases
  • A small percentage yellowing after long exposure to sunlight (UV) (Far less percentage yellowing when using UV Stabilised.

Size Availability

Thickness (mm)
Max Sizes (NB: We cut to size from these)
Price Guide per Square Metre (Material Price Only)
Clear with added UV protection

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12

3M x 2M

Please ask

Clear with Standard UV Resistance 1, 1.5 2050 x 1250mm Minimum 1 sheet of 1 or 1.5mm thick
Clear with Standard UV Resistance

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12

3M x 2M

Please ask

Clear - engineering grades

15 - 50

3M x 2M but usually less

Please ask

Clear with Standard UV Resistance

3, 4, 6

6100 x 2050mm

Stocks Vary. Please ask


Opal 2, 3, 4, 6 3M x 2M Please ask
Bronze 3, 4, 6 3M x 2M Please ask
Embossed or Obscure for Shower Screens 3, 4, 6 2440 x1220mm some 3050 x 2050mm Please ask
Mirror 3, 6 2440 x1220mm Please ask
Hard Coated Mainly hold 5mm Varies Please ask
Rod & Tube We do not supply rods or tube in Polycarbonate any more See Acrylic shapes  


The edges of Polycarbonate cannot be polished very highly. At best we can scrape it to a satin finish at an extra cost.



"Obscure" or "Embossed" Polycarbonate is used for shower screens & doors and where privacy glazing is needed in public areas where safety is an issue - It is almost unbreakable (unlike Acrylic) and so far safer.
We show an obscured hand to indicate the degree of obscuration. This is what is typically required for shower screening. Patterns may vary from exactly that shown due to supplier variation.

Technical Information about Polycarbonate Solid Sheets

This data does not apply to Multiwall sheets. Please refer to our Multiwall Polycarbonate page for that information.

The main Polycarbonate Solid Sheet brands we sell are Palsun®, Makrolon® and Lexan®.

The data below does not apply to Multiwall sheets. Please refer to our Multiwall Polycarbonate page for that information.

Density g/cm^3 Shrinkage % UV Resistance Transparency (% visible light transmission) % H 2 O Absorption After 24 hours % Maximum Continuous Working Temperature (Zero Tensile effect after 11 years)
Low °C High °C
0.5 to 0.7
Standard sheets have reasonable resistance but but we also sell UV protected grades
87 to 89
0.1 to 0.2
- 30
+ 115
Hardness Shore D Mpa Tensile Strength at Break Mpa Elongation at Break % Flexural Modulas Gpa Toughness by Notched IZOD Impact at Room Temperature J/m Fire Resistance LOI % Dielectric Strength (Insulation Value) KV/mm thickness
85 to 95
55 to 77
100 to 150
2.1 to 2.5
650 to 950


Colour information on Polycarbonate solid sheets

Polycarbonate Solid sheets are available in Clear. Some thicknesses are also available in Opal, Bronze and Obscure Embossed which is suitable for shower screens.

Polycarbonate also is available with a mirror finish.

If you are looking for other colours you are probably better off checking our PETG page as this material has a larger colour range and is almost as tough as Polycarbonate.









Lightweight, fire resistance, safety screens, safety guards, cement, anti-vandal screens, anti-vandal windows, child proof glazing, child proof windows, car windows, car panels, sporting goods, safety barriers, viewing panels, electronics panels, food storage shelves, engineering panels, boat screens, scratch resistant plastic, UV stability.

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